BHUNA - Good with most meats, but lamb especially. Medium spiced, it produces a dish that is not sauce heavy.

     ROGAN JOSH - A rich and aromatic dish from Kashmir, best cooked slow to release all it's flavour. 

     BALTI -  Named after the pressed steel 'bucket' it was traditionally cooked in, it's certainly been adopted as a curry lovers favourite.

     JALFREZI - Jal means quick and frezi means fry, so this blend will produce a quick and bold dish that will be medium hot in strength. 

     BIRIYANI - Use this blend to marinade your main ingredients, before layering them with basmati rice. Popular in Northern India it is fairly mild or you can use our 'spice it up' feature for an extra kick. 

     DHANSAK - Much favoured by the Parsi community, this works well with meat and seafood, but particularly well with vegetables and plenty of lentils.

     TIKKA MASALA - Much debate on it's origins, however you can't deny it's popularity. This blend produces a creamy, aromatic almost buttery medium to mild dish.

     MADRAS - Southern Indian (Chennai) in origin this will pack a spicy punch. Curry leaves and tamarind provide a great depth of flavour. Leftovers will provide a great breakfast the next day!!!!

     KORMA - Great with anything, but especially good with king prawns. It's usually a mild creamy coconut based dish with a hint of saffron. Can be given a bigger kick by using our 'spice it up' feature.

     VINDALOO - Popular in the Goan region, it actually has it's roots in Portugal. Yes it's a hot one, it goes great with any main ingredient, but try it with diced pork. 

     GOAN MASALA - Wonderfully fragrant this blend is particularly great with seafood or chicken. It produces a light almost summery dish full of green herb, lime and coconut.

     DOPIAZA - This is from Hyderabad and translates as 'two onions'. A mild to medium spice blend for producing a fairly thick, aromatic and warming dish.

     PASANDA - Pakistani and Northern Indian in heritage, this blend will create a delicate mild sauce with plenty of almond and creamy coconut flavours.

     PHALL - The hottest blend we do (at the moment) great with slow cooked meats such as lamb, mutton or goat, this blend will give you a warming ginger and tomato based glow!!