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We have just added our first Sri Lankan blend to the curry kits list. It is called Jaffna and is quite fiery, with coconut and ginger flavours. Also a new blend is on the seasonings list. Berbere hails from Ethiopia / Eritrea and has a lovely black pepper / red...

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Welcome to myspicyblends.

Use our hand mixed spice blends to create authentic, restaurant standard dishes from  around the world.

This is how to do it. 

  1. Click on the cuisine, for example Indian, or Chinese.
  2. Click on the dish required, for example Rogan Josh, or Thai Green.
  3. Add to cart, pay and start salivating.
  4. Our spice masters will blend your spices, heat seal them for freshness and ship them right to you.
  5. Follow the recipe we enclose and enjoy !!!