The idea for our shop came after one of those long overdue store cupboard clear-outs. Being a huge fan of anything spicy, I had accumulated dozens of spices, herbs and blends over the years, but to my horror discovered that a large amount of these were now out of date. Into the bin they went and our idea was born.

Wouldn't it be easier, efficient and more cost effective to buy the spices you need for the dishes you want to prepare, in one blend, as opposed to fiddling around with lots of individual bottles and sachets.

Well that's what we have done.

It's pretty straightforward really, we classify our spice blends according to country and heat level.  So lets say you are in the mood for Indian, simply click on the 'spice blends and curry kits' link to bring up the list of our blends, choose your dish, say, Rogan Josh and add it to the cart. We will then grind and blend the spice ingredients you need to make a fantastic Rogan Josh. 

Your order will come heat sealed for freshness, and we will include a recipe card so you can get the best results.